In loving memory of Mr. Barington 2004-2014

In loving memory of Mr. Barington 2004-2014

Hi, I’m Teri Aguilar

Dog Treat Entrepreneur living in Uptown Dallas. I am the Owner and CEO of CHILLY DAWGS®. CHILLY DAWGS® is All Natural and Non-GMO.

The inspiration for CHILLY DAWGS® began over 14 years ago with my Soul Pet Mr. Barrington (or Mr B.) As I liked to call him. He was a brown and white Boston Terrier whose love of treats rivals no other.

The original concept came to me on one of those hot Dallas afternoons. I had just come back from a walk with Mr. B and as I was opening the freezer for some ice, Mr. Barrington excitedly knocked into me, causing ice cubes to fall onto the ground, and then proceeded to lick and eat them with such delight, causing an epiphany moment to occur. And, it is in this moment my ideas and future inspirations for CHILLY DAWGS® occurred.

Currently, we are introducing our latest all NEW CHILLY DAWGS®, Pudding Packs!

Thank you, for your business! Stay tuned for new products, how to videos and future events near you by following us on social or subscribing to our blog!

— Teri