A refreshing frozen treat, is an all-in-one chew bone and delicious pudding “pup-cicle” guaranteed to drive your dog wild! The unique, edible bone-shaped cup is methodically lined with dental ridges in order to promote healthy teeth and gums for your furry friend.

Inside the easily digestible chew cup is CHILLY DAWGS’ signature pudding filling.

This specially designed and irresistible flavorful filling was formulated to help keep your best friend in tip-top shape. CHILLY DAWGS is an all-natural, gluten free, non-GMO product, and does not contain wheat, soy, by-products, artificial flavors or colors.

CHILLY DAWGS has been tested and proven to show superior digestibility compared to other chew product brands.


CHILLY DAWGS is recommended for dogs over six months of age and up to 50 lbs. In order to aid your dog’s dental and digestive health, this nourishing and refreshing treat can be fed daily.

CHILLY DAWGS are intended to be served frozen, but can served and stored at room temperature.


As with any edible treat, monitor your dog to ensure that your dog to ensure that your pet adequately chews the bone-shaped cup. Aggressive chewing or gulping can be harmful and potentially fatal to your pet.